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Bluetooth Gloves
The problem with wearing gloves while riding a superbike or skiing is that it’s impossible to reach for your smartphone with the thick outerwear. BEARTek was a Kickstarter campaign that had a great idea: a glove that communicates with your smartphone via Bluetooth. It has 6 touch points, that you can use to answer phone calls, and even basic music controls.


My family and I work in the re tail of chicken egg for bakeries and patisseries in the zone, now a days Compassion look like a concept that's not present in the actual business but, due to our little company is a family company, the compassion is present when our parent shared the work because they are equal in the distribution, instead my sisters and I have different skills, there are no priority or advantage between us.

How does purchasing via chatbot impact your industry?

A chatbot can increase selling because improve the communication and customer can have a better service.May be the service will be not personalized but the answers will be fast and efficient. It's a powerful tool because is a saving money opportunity for the companies.The opportunity area in the poultry industry it's that the customer and vendor are get used to traditional marketing and they are not familiar with technology tools or gadgets.